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The Secrets of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor...FINALLY REVEALED!

"How You Can Earn a Monthly Passive Income of $50,000 or More Per Month with Investment Properties WITHOUT Draining Your Savings, Swinging a Hammer, or Dealing with a Single Tenant!"

Yes!  You CAN Become Wealthy in Real Estate...

• WITHOUT dipping into your savings, stocks, or 401K for the down payment
• WITHOUT using your own personal credit or a personal guarantee
• WITHOUT doing rehab or dealing with a single tenant

"Through teaching her techniques and mentoring her students Monica has changed the lives of countless people, not the least of which includes me.  I will be forever grateful and in her debt." 
 - Aran Dunlop, Real Estate Millionaire
Meet Real Estate Millionaire
Monica Main
Monica Main Will Show You How You Can Build a Lifetime of Financial Freedom Through Passive Income Investment Real Estate in Her Powerful Course!
"I learned how to tap into OPM to build a massive passive income real estate empire like I have and I'm about to show you how to do the same thing. What I'm about to show you in my powerful FREE book is EXACTLY how you replicate my success with a specific type of investment real estate for solid long-term passive income wealth! It's easy. You just have to know how to do it and I will show you everything you need to know in my Real Estate Cash Flow System...GUARANTEED or Your Money Back!!

Give Me a Few Minutes of Your Time and I'll Show You EXACTLY How You Can Get Started as a Highly Profitable Real Estate Investor with Monthly Passive Income Cash Flows of $50,000 or More Using a Tested-and-Proven Investing Blueprint to Help You Acquire Millions in Real Estate in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible!

Dear Future Real Estate Tycoon,

 Did you know that over 90% of multi-millionaires and billionaires have gained or retained their wealth with buy-and-hold investment real estate? In fact, the vast majority of those on the Forbes 400 list own massive amounts of passive income investment real estate. It’s one thing to flip houses. It’s a completely different ballgame to become a cash flowing real estate investor by acquiring investment real estate for the purposes of getting a solid monthly cash flow from your rent-paying tenants.

  Because of this, I wanted more than anything to make tons of money with real estate. I knew that owning real estate was the most PROFITABLE way to make money because real estate will never go away and it will ALWAYS keep going up in value. I don't care what’s going on in the market right now. Twenty from now property will be AT LEAST DOUBLE what they are now. Also, every multi-millionaire, no matter how they made their millions (or billions), owns LOTS OF REAL ESTATE!

 Through a lot of trial and error, thanks to NONE of the real estate “gurus” out there, I was able to build a profitable and successful real estate investing company from scratch. Just to give you an idea of what I do, check out some of the deals I’ve done to build a cash flow over three years working in what I call a “farming area” in the greater Atlanta area:

24-Unit Building in East Point, Georgia $6,338 Per Month
16-Unit Building in Decatur, Georgia $2,643 Per Month
60-Unit Building in Atlanta, Georgia $13,051 Per Month
36-Unit Building in Atlanta, Georgia $6,514 Per Month
28-Unit Building in College Park Georgia $3,972 Per Month

That's a monthly cash flow of $32,518!

Imagine building your own “mini” real estate empire just like the one I built above in less than 36 months with only 5 properties! This means that you could easily retire with this or just a handful more units within about three years by following a simple and easy-to-implement real estate wealth blueprint I discovered!

WARNING: Most Real Estate “Mentors” and “Gurus” Out There Are Flat Out LYING to You!

Do you think I’m being too bold? You tell me! Is it considered a LIE if someone OMITS THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF THE TRUTH?

Yes, you can become successful in real estate IF you have excellent personal FICO score exceeding 820 (which you may have), 25% to 30% cash down (which you may also have), property owners who will sell BELOW market value (very hard to find), living in a city/state where good deals are abundant (NOT in California, New York, or other overpriced places), and a best friend heading up the loan department at a local bank (which you probably don’t have). One well-known “guru” shows professionals how to do syndication deals which MAKE ALMOST NO MONEY, making it one of the WORST WAYS to earn an income from investment property.

Here’s the real kicker: They are leaving out the fact that they DON'T invest in real estate themselves (but just make money selling courses, seminars, DVDs, and CDs to you…basically ripping you off).

  But MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are NOT TELLING YOU EVERYTHING about the "how" and "what" of buying real estate. Yes, you have to know HOW to invest and in WHICH TYPES OF PROPERTIES to invest in.

Here's a hint: The money is NOT in "residential" real estate (which is why I had to "throw out" that 90% of "guru" real estate knowledge I acquired over the years through books and seminars…because it was all about residential real estate).

What I’m About to Share with You in This TOP SECRET REPORT is More Than Most Real Estate “Mentors” and “Gurus” Will Share in Their Entire “Systems” or “Trainings” 

NOTE: If you're tired of the same rehashed, fluffed out, watered down lies about real estate written over and over again, keep reading. The stuff I'm about to share with you will BLOW YOU AWAY! You will be so SHOCKED, AMAZED, and EXCITED that you definitely won't be getting any sleep tonight or for the rest of the week for that matter.

Real Estate Investing ONLY Way to Build Long-Term Wealth in the SHORTEST Amount of Time Possible!

Real estate is still the BEST way to go to make quick money, create a long-term cash flow, and to build a strong and stable foundation of financial security to last a lifetime. I've always known that it is the best way to make money starting from nothing. I have recently seen two people go from financially struggling to multi-millionaires many times over with real estate. And within a couple of years! AND YOU CAN TOO! Anyone can!

A little bit of background about me. I’ve always done well with my businesses over the years. But I found myself on a never-ending treadmill of having to make more sales, hustle up more business, and service my clients. It was all fine in the beginning but eventually I started to get tired. As I slowed down, my income would begin to drop off. I had to figure out a way to leverage my income through smarter-played investments outside of slow/no-growth bonds, my retirement accounts, or any of the other non-profitable investments that weren’t paying out much (if anything). If I didn’t do something different for my investment portfolio, I’d never get off the treadmill and I noticed the older I got, the more worn out I was getting and I knew I didn’t have the physical, mental, or emotional wherewithal to be working as hard as I was…forever! Maybe you can relate.

When I was younger, I had much bigger goals and dreams for myself. I didn't want to just have merely enough money to live a decent life driving a decent car while paying my bills on time. I wanted wealth with ultimate time freedom! I wanted to be able to afford anything and everything I ever wanted without working so damned hard. I wanted the best of the best and I was convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that real estate was one of the ONLY vehicles that could take ANYBODY from their professional or business prison to a VERY WEALTHY LIFE OF TIME FREEDOM within the SHORTEST amount of time.

  The nice part about real estate is that it will ALWAYS be around. People will always need food, clothing, and shelter. Even if the whole world falls apart, people will always need a place to live. Even cavemen lived in…well, caves. That was the first form of real estate.

It’s NOT Just ANY Kind of Real Estate Investing That Can Make You Wealthy!

What's amazing is that after the number of years that I've been studying, investing, acquiring, renting/leasing, and selling properties, I discovered two critical secrets:

  (1) The big money in real estate is NOT in single-family residential properties. Flipping properties can make you some money but there's too much competition in that field right now and in certain states it's illegal.

  (2) You make money BUYING and KEEPING properties, not buying and selling properties. It's the monthly cash flow that makes you rich!
  And how did I come to this conclusion? After too many years of trial and error, trying to work with the bogus information I was given (by real estate investing "gurus" and “mentors”), a light bulb finally went on in my brain. I would love to take 100% of the credit of finally "discovering" this revolutionary real estate investing secret but I can't…because I didn’t.

             I met this guy, Dr. Raj, through a business meeting and we somehow got around to the subject of real estate. He told me that he had several apartment buildings that were making a huge monthly cash flow. And that he was about to retire! He was so young, too! I remember Dr. Raj was so excited about his real estate that he ended up sitting me down in his office for several hours and telling me everything he knew to help me get started. He also said that he wished he didn't start so late with real estate because he could have been retired by then...and that's why he wanted to pass on his secrets of real estate, so I could retire young!

            My only problem was that most of my money was tied up in my business so I had NO CASH available to put down on a property. The other problem is that I had some credit challenges because of a bankruptcy I had from debts incurred in my previous marriage. Dr. Raj insisted that I could get several properties with little cash and “OPM” money. He also told me that it was the property that “qualified” for the commercial mortgage and NOT me personally. (More on this later!)

            And then he told me exactly how to start building my investing business. But first he told me about...

You Can’t Make Money "FLIPPING" When Housing Prices Are So High and
You Can’t Make Money Renting Houses Because the Mortgages Are Too High!

Ask anyone who became a serious student and investor from any of those real estate “mentor” or “guru” courses and systems and they’ll ALL tell you the same HORROR STORY! And the story usually goes something like this: “I bought a bunch of SFRs (single-family residences) based on [FILL IN THE BLANK]’s system and everything was going okay for a while until the recession hit. A lot of my tenants lost their jobs, stopped paying me rent, and I was on the hook for all of those mortgages all at once! I couldn’t pay them so all my rental houses went into foreclosure. My credit is ruined and I’m worse off now than when I started!”

The Secret Behind Single-Family vs. Multi-Tenant (Residential) Commercial Real Estate is Getting "Residential" Multi-Unit Properties

Almost nobody talks about investing in residential-commercial properties (apartment buildings of 5 or more units). Why is this? It’s because on the surface, it seems complicated or difficult to buy an apartment building or other commercial asset as an investment. There are management concerns, tenant issues, and other unsavory elements of investing in this kind of property.

  But here’s the truth of it: there is almost NO competition in buying multi-residential properties (except with me) and this leaves the field WIDE OPEN for you. I just don't understand why no one has discovered this secret! (I think it's because people think it's too hard or expensive to get multi-unit properties.) There's MORE MONEY in apartment buildings, PLUS…

  You're not dealing with Paycheck Charlie and Sally Housewife as you would with residential properties. Residential property owners are inexperienced, picky, flaky, and sometimes difficult to deal with. They usually want much more than their property is worth and don't understand the basic concept of economics called "supply and demand."

  It's much easier to deal with multi-unit property owners because they are business people and know that your numbers have to work as much as theirs do. They know business. They know real estate. And they know what their goal is long-term whether it's to buy, sell, or hang onto their property. When they want to sell, you don't have to worry about dealing with a flake (most of the time) who changes his mind about the deal every five minutes.

How is a Multi-Unit Residential Property Different Than a
Multi-Unit Commercial Property? Aren’t They the Same?

Properties of four units or less are considered "residential" in terms of acquiring a mortgage. However, even though they are classified as "residential," they still hold "multiple" units for multiple tenants, thus making it a "multi-unit residential" property.

               A multi-unit residential commercial property is an apartment building of five or more units. It's much more difficult to get started with apartment buildings because of the commercial loan needed to close the deal. Although, I even have a secret method of getting apartment buildings with NO CASH and NO CREDIT!

               With a building of four units or less, you get a regular residential loan making it easy to close a deal within 30-45 days! Plus, you can EASILY do no-money-down deals with regular mortgage lenders without a second thought.

               The other upside is that you can cover your mortgage, charge a monthly rent to cover your mortgage and costs, AND pocket a nice profit each month! All starting with NO MONEY and NO CREDIT of your own!

Becoming an Apartment Building Millionaire is Not Only Possible…It’s HIGHLY PROBABLE
If You Follow My EXACT Step-By-Step Investment Income Investing Blueprint!

The single-family residential market is NOT the way to go. Buying a bunch of single-family homes with the intent on renting them out one by one is NOT a smart idea. Why? Because likely you’ll be mortgaging each property you purchase. If one or more of your tenants stop paying the rent (and the likelihood is quite high), you’re on the hook to personally make the mortgage payments while hiring an attorney to have the tenant evicted…which can take months. Having this happen to several of your homes could be financially devastating if it happens all at once due to shifts in the economy.

 Plus…it takes as much effort to purchase a 50-unit apartment building than it does to buy one 2-bedroom house. (Seriously, it does.) Why buy one house when you can buy multiple units at once?

  You can ALWAYS make money with apartment buildings and the MORE UNITS you buy in one building the MORE MONEY you will make. Apartment buildings are difficult to sell in ANY MARKET, especially when times are tough. This is good news for the investor because – no matter what is going on in the economy – there are always deals that can be made on apartment building or other commercial properties even if the housing market is on fire or inventory is tight.

  Now you may be thinking: “But Monica, why would an apartment building owner want to sell a money-making property?” As these property owners age, they get sick of the hassle, the mismanagement (after choosing the wrong manager or management company), or maybe they just want to get rid of it for the money because they’re finally ready to sit on a beach somewhere. Many times, apartment building owners don't manage their property correctly (and lose money) or try to manage the property themselves (without using a property management service so they can save a few pennies) or are just too stupid to figure out how to knock off expenses while raising rents and adding value-adds to their properties.

What If You Have Your Cash Tied Up Your Business, Other Investments, or In Stocks? Can You Buy Investment Real Estate Deals WITHOUT Tapping Out Your Cash Reserves or Other Investments?

As a real estate investor, if you don’t have access to cash for your real estate – whether you’re self-funding or borrowing unsecured cash – you’re dead in the water! Yep! DEAD AS A DOG!

Even worse…if you’re a “little guy” in this wild world of real estate investing, the likelihood you’ll be able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars – or millions of dollars (in most cases) – for your latest investment real estate deal is really difficult to do. That’s just the reality.
Now, maybe you have tons of cash socked away. But do you really want to tap out your own resources to invest? After all, wouldn’t it be smart to keep whatever cash and assets you have tucked away in case you need it for something else? Wouldn’t you rather hang onto that liquid cash for a rainy day rather than sinking all your money into real estate?

Think about it. Most multi-millionaire real estate investors DO NOT USE THEIR OWN CASH FOR REAL ESTATE DEALS. They keep whatever cash they have in a safe place whether in the bank, in stocks (or other financial instruments), in retirement accounts, or in other investments that are already making them money. They do this to keep themselves as liquid as possible in case there is a steep downturn in the economy or their business and they have to float their financial obligations for a while before things can get back on track.
So, what if you are one of these people who don’t want to use your own cash for acquiring new investment properties but you definitely want to take advantage of this investment income bonanza?

There are several options for you to minimize your personal cash outlay for your real estate deals…

The 4 Ways to Get Cash for Your Highly Profitable Real Estate Investment Deals

Yes, you can use your own cash to acquire properties for EMD (earnest money deposits), down payments, and due diligence (such as appraisals, building inspections, etc.) but here are some other options for you:

“Secret” # 1: Borrow the Funds from Friends/Family or Other Controlled Assets: You can borrow the money from Mom, Dad, Aunt Birdie or other family and friends. You can use your 401K or other assets (if you have any). Or you could get a bank loan. I don’t recommend ANY of these solutions because (a) you won’t get enough money pooled together to do a highly profitable cash flowing real estate deals when closing on properties worth millions of dollars, and (b) it’s never recommended that you tap out friends/family or your retirement (or other) liquid assets you may have.

“Secret” #2: Build Business Credit and Borrow from BLOCs: While I do recommend that everybody build business credit, it’s NOT the best way to leverage loans through BLOCs or Business Lines of Credit. The interest would be too high on the borrowed funds and, even still, the likelihood you’d be able to borrow, say, $200,000 or more the first time out is pretty slim unless (a) you have a well-seasoned corporation that has healthy corporate tax returns (for the past 2 to 3 years) on a gang-load of company cash flow, and (b) really good personal credit (800+ FICO). Even still, I don’t like the high interest on these kinds of loans and borrowed credit which will heavily eat into your property cash flows.

“Secret” #3: Doing Creative Financing and Seller-Carry Deals: You can abolish the need for cash altogether if you can work directly with property sellers who will allow for seller carry, LLC take-over, and other creative financing deals. This is how I got started in multi-family real estate investing. But, back when I got started, it was a different time and a different economic environment. We’re at a market peak (and slowly slipping) with little inventory to be had. So, sellers who may have been open to creative financing options in years past certainly are NOT open to it now. Truth be told, if you’re going to bark up the “creative financing” tree, you’ll be expending A LOT of energy and personal resources with very little fruits for your labor. This is NOT the recommended strategy for right now.

“Secret” #4: Use the Cash Flow from Your Business to Fund Your Property Deals: This may require you to start a brand-new business from scratch if you don’t already have one up and running. And this may take many years for the business to gain enough fiscal traction to make it worthy of a source for getting the cash needed for profitable property investing.

The System That Can Make You Extremely Wealthy as a Passive Income Real Estate Investor:
This is the ULTIMATE Real Estate Cash Flow Secret!

There are two ways you can begin building your real estate cash flow empire:

   (1) Start with multi-unit apartment buildings (5 units or more) right off the bat. Don’t mess around with single-family homes. Residential-commercial properties are the best because there will always be a huge demand no matter what’s going on in the economy.

Or, (2) Start with residential multi-unit buildings (4 units or less) and pay 100% cash for these properties by dipping into your savings (NOT recommended) or by using my special unsecured credit resources for liquid cash for these deals (recommended). You can then rehab the property, lease it up, and flip it to an investor looking for a turnkey property to cash out OR keep it for the monthly cash flow (which is the preferred method)!

Depending on which method you choose, you KEEP GETTING MORE PROPERTIES. The key is getting and KEEPING the properties versus buying and selling. That's the whole secret to incredible cash flow wealth!

Just Get That First Property...And You’ll Have It Made!

With most real estate "guru" or “mentoring” systems where house flipping is the name of the game, you find yourself having to bust your ass doing deal after deal forever. And this is no better than just staying a worker bee at the job or business you’re in now! I don’t know about you but at my age, I have NO INTEREST in creating another job for myself doing even more work than I’m doing now!

With my step-by-step investing blueprint, you just have to concentrate on getting that very first apartment building, then you borrow some of the equity (or cash out by flipping it), get the next property, borrow off that property's equity, get the next property…and on and on and on. You can keep doing this until you get all the properties you want for the type of monthly cash flow you are looking for. For most people, getting around 7 properties is the lucky “sweet spot.” Sometimes it’s upwards of 10 or 12 properties. And unlike popular investing myths that suggest you need hundreds of apartment units to retire well, in most cases, you only need a total of 80 to 100 units (usually less) to make a really nice monthly income.

And here’s another little secret for you: In most markets, rents will double every 15 to 18 years. This means that if your “average rent” for your apartment units is $1,500 today, it will likely DOUBLE in 15 to 18 years to $3,000 per month. And if you put any additional principle payments toward each mortgage payment over the years, you’ll probably have your mortgages paid off by then! This would likely triple your monthly cash flow once you pay off your mortgage and your rents double without you doing a single thing!

Once you get a mortgage that first property, banks will be throwing money at your feet for all the properties you want to finance from there on out. OR, you can do short-term or long-term partial seller financing and lease-option deals. It's up to you! So, how is this done?

Here’s the mind-blowing part. There’s something now available called 100% LTV Bond Funding where you can get 100% LTVs on your apartment building purchases provided that the deal is over $1 million in purchase price. This means that you can get whole enchilada for financing without having to worry about where or how you’ll come up with that whopping 20% to 25% down payment. But, there’s only ONE PLACE you can get this type of funding.

This will blow your freaking mind…

How You Will Have DIRECT ACCESS to My Special Money Guy 
Who Can Get You Unsecured CASH for Your Deals!

This is another secret no one will ever tell you (except me). If you have less than perfect personal credit, you still CAN get financing on an apartment building because lenders lend on the CASH FLOW of the property (knowing the property will support the mortgage payments) and don't consider your personal credit UNLESS you have a foreclosure. (If this is the case, you'll have to "borrow" someone else's credit by using them in the deal as a partner.)

This is NOT information that you will find in ANY other real estate "system." And I can guarantee you that this system has more "insider" information and secrets the most investors don't even know about. Certainly, I'm not going to waste giving it to someone who isn't serious or who just wants to copy it and then ask for a refund. It wouldn't be fair to the HONEST people who really want to do this and are willing to pay the small meager price I'm asking for this! If that's your plan, don't even think about it. If I do get a refund request (which are VERY RARE), I send my special lending source YOUR NAME and he won't do business with you. Period! Furthermore, if you try to have another person use their info, he won't do business with you if you're not on the "list" that I send my special money source on a weekly basis! I'm giving you my secret financing source's DIRECT contact information. After all, he can get FINANCING for your deal(s). This information alone is worth THOUSANDS of DOLLARS by itself!

I Created the ULTIMATE Real Estate Step-by-Step Investing Blueprint

I created a system so you can automatically attract droves of these hot deals with minimal effort. In fact, if you're anything like me, you hate to talk to strangers on the phone, hate to "discuss" owner financing, and feel insecure about setting up a real estate deal. AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANY OF THAT!

So, I had to come up with another plan for the meek (like me) to do these deals. I had to create a better letter that would do most of the talking for me. I had to look for other farming areas that were profitable but not overrun with big city investors.

Remember, people will be calling YOU because of your letter campaigns, not the other way around. You'll have apartment building owners beating a path to your door! This means that they are interested in selling and you won’t have ANY other competition in getting their property! No arm twisting, manipulating, embarrassing yourself with "low-ball" deals, getting laughed at, or wasting your time competing with a dozen other investors vying for the same property. It’s just you!

My secret magic letter has already told the property owner everything they need to know, how they benefit from the deal, and what the potential is for them in doing this. When they call you, they're ready to sign on the dotted line. It's really that simple.


         I don't like calling people or manipulating listed sellers into some seller-finance/lease-option deal against their will when there's a better way. I created a letter that I use to get property owners to CALL ME for the deal. And this letter works like you wouldn't believe. Out of 100 apartment building owners, I usually get 8 to 10 owners calling me. That's an 8 - 10% response!

         And what would you say if I told you that I would give you this exact letter for you to use to get deals? Too good to be true?

And There’s One More Mind-Blowing Secret:

How to Get a LIST of Apartment Building Owners with Their Addresses!

         Most people getting started have NO IDEA where to get a listing of apartment building owners or how to contact them. I actually have TWO new secrets of getting this information and you'll have MORE contact information and MORE deals than you could ever want at any given time.

        I've found that when most people are getting started in real estate for the first time, they have no idea how to contact people in order to get the ball rolling. I've just filled in that gap by providing a step-by-step plan on how to get these people's addresses with the simple click of your mouse and by using ONE OTHER METHOD that NO OTHER INVESTORS (except me) are using right now!

        I'll be sharing both of these phenomenal secret techniques with you so you can start getting your deals on track the moment you get my complete system.

With the combination of this incredible one-of-a-kind real estate investing strategy and utilizing the rare opportunity to let me partner and help you with your deals, there's absolutely no reason why you can't be making tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Think about the value in that alone. You basically have all of the most successful cash flow elements to "clone" with my exact letter and real estate strategies to help you become as successful as possible.

I want you to become massively successful and therefore ALL of the most effective, pre-tested, and proven real estate investing tools will be given to you. I hold NOTHING back.

"I Got a $12,313 Monthly Cash Flow in My First 86 Days!"

"I decided to invest out of state because I’d otherwise have to put half down in all cash to make most investment properties in my area cash flow after closing. I settled on Cleveland as my ‘farming area’ to begin building my real estate empire. My first deal was a 60-unit apartment building and I was able to buy it without tapping into my savings. This first deal is giving me a monthly cash flow of $12,313 and I was able to buy this property in under 90 days. English is my second language and sometimes I struggle with these kinds of things. This means if I can do it, anybody can! All you have to do is go for it. I have faith in you so have some faith in yourself for a change.” ~Chino G.

LEGAL NOTICE: The income statements, testimonials, and examples in this report are exceptional results, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her desire, dedication, background, the marketplace, their effort and motivation to work and follow the program. There is no guarantee you will duplicate any of the results stated here. You must recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.

Here's all you have to do to become a monthly cash flowing real estate multi-millionaire:

Step 1: Target Cash Flowing Multi-Family Properties in a Chosen “Farming Area”!

You may not be able to invest where you’re located. If you live in Los Angeles, New York City, or another over-priced area, you’ll likely not get a good “bang” for your buck when it comes to real estate investing. Why settle on buying a four-plex in LA that requires 50% down (to eke out a nominal cash flow) when you can get a 50+ unit apartment building in a place like Cleveland for a kick-ass monthly cash flow? This is why the first step is to find your ideal “farming area.”
Step 2: Get “Pocket Listings” with My Secret Letter

Going on or other online MLS platforms is mostly a waste of time if you want to get a deal on a property these days. I have a secret strategy you can with my tested-and-proven letters (you’ll get the templates in my system) that is so ridiculously SIMPLE that ANYONE can do it. Just follow the step-by-step mailing system using my recommended vendor (so you don’t have to mail the letters yourself) and you could be getting highly profitable pocket listing property deals within just a few days! Many of our students who work this strategy find it very easy to acquire your first cash flowing apartment building within 30 days. As long as you are willing to take my letter templates, get the names from my recommended database, and mail off the letters, you WILL be successful in finding more property deals that you can stand!
Step 3: Buy Income Property for Cash Flow!

Like I said, get your first property financed by a lender (through my broker) OR get a government grant (FREE MONEY!) and then borrow the equity from your first property (or get another grant) to finance the down payment of your second commercial property…then do the same for your third, fourth, fifth...etc. Pretty soon you'll have a $100 million dollars in apartment buildings, and be set for life with a huge cash flow. Just focus on getting that FIRST property!

My Tested-and-Proven Real Estate Investing System is Like NOTHING Else You’ve Ever Seen Before!

When I first got started in investment properties, there was no “system” or step-by-step set of blueprints to show me what to do. There were only house-flipping courses including the same rehashed, re-manufactured crap sold on late night TV. It took me forever, and years of trial and error, to discover what I know today.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, take my experience and use it for your FAST-TRACK to cash flow success. Don't try to use your old residential "guru" real estate courses to apply to apartment buildings or commercial properties because those strategies WON'T WORK! Apartment buildings and other commercial properties are a WHOLE DIFFERENT ANIMAL altogether.

Learn from someone who has already worked out all the bugs and can show you the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to invest. Learn from someone who is DOING IT and not just selling a course on how to do it! And learn from someone who can show you how to actually get cash flowing income properties in the fastest way possible!


I created a TESTED and PROVEN step-by-step Apartment Riches Cash Flow System that I'm offering for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Because of the secret financial sources I reveal to you, I cannot overwhelm them with too many new investors. We can only sell a certain number of these systems and then we will have to REMOVE the financial resource information in future shipments. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Remember, we are providing you with a SPECIAL LENDING SOURCES. They can only handle so many new investors at once. Right now, they agreed to take another three investors. After that I'll have to put a hold on selling any more systems with his contact information until they can take on some more. Usually, I have to put a hold on selling a system for about twelve weeks, sometimes up to six months, so DON'T MISS OUT!

So, What Will You Be Getting in This POWERFUL System?  Here's What You'll Be Getting...

• Apartment Riches Cash Flow Manual – This power-packed manual will give you the EXACT details on how to invest like a millionaire pro...and eventually you will become a real estate millionaire if you follow the simple step-by-step system. This includes complete instructions, contracts, templates, and the EXACT how-to info you need! There is NOTHING else like this anywhere else on the market for this rock-bottom price. Guaranteed!

• Over 2 Hours of Audio + a QUICK START AUDIO SERIES – Giving you the exact step-by-step information on how you can get started right away, what to do first, and how to make the most money in the fastest amount of time! You get over 2 hours of this incredible mind-blowing audio seminars showing you EXACTLY how to get started in this business. First, you’ll start with the NEW Quick Start Audio Series before diving into the rest of the system!

• My Secret Money Broker's DIRECT Contact Information – Discover my personal money broker for real estate finance to quickly get you started on getting funding for your first apartment building deal. You need money to make money and right now he has a 100% LTV bond funding program where you can get a property worth over $5,000,000 with NO CASH and NO CREDIT!

• 30-Day Quick-Start Guide/Manual Outline – This will show you what to do today, tomorrow, and for the next few weeks. How to start building your real estate business quickly and grow it as fast as possible!

• Cash Flow Evaluator Software with Video Tutorial - Do thy numbers! This software (Excel required) will help you figure out all of your numbers to make sure your deal is profitable. Most people have a hard time figuring out if a property is going to make money. This easy software makes it dummy-proof to get your accurate monthly cash flow, CAP rate, etc. I even show you how the software works with my 10-minute video tutorial.

• Real Estate Forms Including My Signature “Hybrid” LOI/Offer Form – Get ALL the forms, contracts, proposals, and agreements you'll need to become an apartment building investor. This includes an IRON-CLAD lease that will allow you to ALWAYS win in housing court (if it ever comes down to that). AND I’m including a SPECIAL BONUS that will give you the power to submit offers WITH a POF/VOD letter without ever revealing what you have in your own bank account!

• Secret Letters – The EXACT letters that I have used to get hundreds of highly interested apartment building owners pounding a path to my door to sell me their property at a SUPER DEAL and many of them want to do 100% owner financing and short-term lease-option deals! (I’ll even give you my proposal template.)

• BRAND NEW! Seminar Video Series – You’ll be shown EXACTLY what to do with this powerful Quick-Start Video. Many new students are slightly overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that I give and they don't know where to start. This video will show you step-by-step on everything you need to know to get started in the highly profitable business of investing in apartment building real estate.

• SPECIAL BONUS! My Secret Investing Strategy Report – I have a BRAND-NEW REPORT to show you my highly-guarded SECRET investing strategy where you can start from NOTHING and quickly build your real estate empire starting completely from scratch. In this bonus report, I reveal a SECRET MONEY SOURCE that can get you an UNSECURED $20,000 to $200,000 with NO income verification, NO employment verification, NO collateral, NO upfront fees, and NO application fees. If you have “shaky” personal credit, you can still apply. Then I show you exactly how to take this money to grow it into $1,000,000 or more in 12 months or less! This is an amazing report, BRAND NEW to the Apartment Riches System! This by itself is worth the entire price of the system!!

I’m ADDING my Motherload Resource Directory with ADDED Money Resources and Private Investors. Why? Because I want you to have the best possible advantage when it comes to becoming a successful real estate investor INCLUDING being able to have DIRECT ACCESS to my best lenders, private investors, and funding sources. You won’t get these resources anywhere else…and I’m including this special resource directory as a RARE BONUS if you order within the next 24 hours!

This is 100% Risk Free...GUARANTEED!

If you haven't banked at least ONE HUNDRED TIMES your investment within 60 days of the Apartment Riches Cash Flow System then I insist that you get a 100% refund, no questions asked. That's right! I've just made this offer RISK FREE! You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Note: Those who request a refund will no longer have access to my private money sources. These special funding sources are sent to a new list of people who are added each day. We can also send notifications to these lenders to REMOVE people from the list as well. Thank you for understanding.


The real estate "gurus" or “mentors” out there will NOT tell you the REAL DEAL in how to make solid monthly cash flows in real estate because, in reality, their "systems" don't work. Pure and simple! Their “systems” that they are selling are for them to MAKE MONEY and NOT to make you rich! These "gurus" MAY OR MAY NOT know the secrets to making money in real estate but, even if they do, they'll NEVER TELL YOU THE REAL SYSTEM TO REAL ESTATE INVESTING! Why would they tell you the REAL SECRETS when telling you won't help them get any richer in real estate and they can just keep stringing you along for more money for them? They're too busy getting rich selling you a pile of books and videos and $5,000 seminars. That's how they're getting rich! NOT in real estate!
Special Bonus ONLY for the First 100 People to Get the Real Estate Cash Flow System!
For ONLY the First 100, You'll Get the DIRECT Contact Information to My EXCLUSIVE Money Guy Who Can Get You Up to $450,000 in UNSECURED CASH for Your Real Estate Deals.  This Private Money Guy is EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO ME AND MY STUDENTS and CANNOT Be Found ANYWHERE ELSE Through Anybody Else, Guaranteed!  Since He Will Be Overwhelmed If I Expose His Information to More Than 100 New Students, I Am LIMITING His Contact Information to ONLY the FIRST 100 Who Get the Real Estate Cash Flow System...NO EXCEPTIONS!  I Strongly Recommend That You JUMP ON THIS OPPORTUNITY ASAP...Before It's Too Late!  This Money Guy is Worth His Weight in Gold Because He Can Get You the UNSECURED CASH You Need for Your Real Estate Deals with NO Upfront or Application Fees and NO Employment or Income Verification!  This Money Can Be Used for ANYTHING!

Make Sure You Learn How to Invest from Someone Who is an ACTIVE INVESTOR!

Did you know that more people are selling the "concept" of making money in real estate than those actually making money in real estate? It's like the Internet riddle: How do you make money on the Internet? By selling books called "How to Make Money on the Internet," of course.

Most of the real estate "gurus" out there are just selling the information and not making money in real estate themselves. And it pisses me off! It makes people like me - legitimate people who want to help you learn how to really make money in real estate based upon our real-life experience and knowledge - look like a scam along with the rest of them! How can you distinguish from the scams vs. the real deal?

Sometimes you can't. Sometimes people's sales copy can be so compelling that it makes you salivate for their stuff to the point where you feel like you can't live life anymore unless you get their course/system/whatever. Good copy doesn't necessarily mean a good system. Sometimes you can do more damage learning things the WRONG WAY then not learning them at all! My advice? Listen to your intuition. I've had my new student investors call me on the phone and tell me that they'd prayed for a miracle then got a mailer from me or ran across my website the following day or week. And it turned out to be the best investment in their life.

I have volumes of testimonials from happy students who have been able to put my real estate systems to good use and rake in huge sums of money because of what I taught.

The best thing about my newest course is that it's the BEST one yet. It has the MOST information, is the MOST comprehensive, and offers the BIGGEST financial possibilities for you. And that's why I'm so excited about this course. I've mastered both real estate investing AND teaching to give you the BEST POSSIBLE!

Think about this: Most people will invest $50,000 to $100,000 or more on a college education and won't know nearly as much about making money in real estate as this course will teach you.

It's amazing how you can learn everything you need to know with a few hundred dollars when this education cost me tens of thousands! Can you really afford to balk at spending a few hundred dollars (equivalent to about six months’ worth of Starbucks coffee) when a "formal" education costs much more? What is a future of total financial freedom worth to you?

The problem in our society is that most of us have given up our dreams for "reality." When an opportunity passes by you for unlimited wealth, you automatically assume that it's too good to be true. Why?

 Because most of us have let life kick us in the gut for so long and we've come to accept a life that's not so great! True entrepreneurs know something good when they see it and they JUMP ON IT without a second thought.

 This is your most important life’s crossroad. This moment will determine what kind of person you truly are. Do you want to become financially free with real estate? Or do you want to be in the same position in 10 years, kicking yourself in the ass for not buying property in TODAY'S market with TODAY'S interest rates?

And if you're skill skeptical, give us a call directly at (661) 295-5050 ext. 2. You can talk with one of my highly knowledgeable assistants or me personally if I’m available. We're available to chat with you from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.

No matter what happens, which trends come and go, which hot income opportunities may cross your path, REAL ESTATE WILL ALWAYS BE KING!

Real estate made people rich 100 years ago. Real estate made people rich 25 years ago. Real estate makes people rich today. And it will 5, 10, 20, and 50 years from now. It is the ONLY business that will keep making people rich. Why? Because, no matter what happens in our world, people will ALWAYS need clothes, food, and shelter. Always and forever, without a doubt. That will never change under ANY circumstances.

Stop selling yourself short. Stop telling yourself that you'll do it later or maybe someday you'll invest. Someday is NOW! And with my system, investing in passive income cash flowing real estate couldn't be easier. I'm looking forward to being your coach and partner in helping you build your million-dollar real estate business.

See You At The Top!

Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S. You must hurry in order to gain access to our secret funding source to get you a 100% LTV for your property deals since this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!


Can someone with no cash and no credit really make money in real estate starting from nothing?

Yes, absolutely!  People just like you and me -- Average Joes and Janes -- can make money in real estate starting with no cash and no credit as long as you understand that you have to get the cash from somewhere.  This is where my special lender comes in.  He can get you up to $450,000 in unsecured cash for your real estate deals with NO upfront fees, NO application fees, NO income verification, and NO employment verification.  He's truly one of a kind and worth his weight in gold because he works EXCLUSIVELY with me and my students ONLY.  This is a contact you'll NEVER find anywhere else!

If you're making so much money doing this, why are you selling this system?

As I mentioned before, when I first got started in real estate investing, I had NOBODY help me out or point me in the right direction.  So I promised myself that one day when I made it, I'd share my step-by-step blueprint with others who wanted to follow in my footsteps.  Plus, over the years I've forged some powerful business alliances and friendships with my students.  I've done partnership deals with my students.  I've taken vacations with some of my students who have become personal friends and people who I consider family!  This is why I keep serving people just like you in this way.  It's because I've developed some amazing business contacts and friendships that I would have never had if I didn't make the connection by offering my systems and training to create successful real estate investors...just like I intend to do with you!

Can you just send me the course for free and I'll pay you later when I make money off my first deal?

Nope!  And here's why:  I've found that psychologically when someone doesn't invest in themselves, they see NO VALUE in what they get.  So, if I were to do this for you, I'd be doing you a great disservice because you'd find no value in the system I'd send you.  Therefore, you'd end up doing nothing with it and you'd never become a successful real estate investor.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes.  As I stated before, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.  If you don't like the system or real estate investing blueprint I provide to you, you can simply mail back the complete package in re-sellable condition within 60 days from the the date you receive it and you'll get a refund less shipping and handling.  This way you can go through the materials and decide if this business is for you over two months which is plenty of time to determine if this business is for you...or not!

What is your success rate with this system?  How many people have been successful doing this?

Of those who actually open the system and apply all the strategies presented, we have a VERY HIGH success rate...over 80%.  However, there are people who purchase the system and do nothing with it or they don't even open it up out of the shrink wrap!  We don't count these people because they aren't actively interested in succeeding in this real estate business if they don't actually apply the techniques we provide.  We only count those who open the package and work the steps as we outline in our course materials.

Do you "guarantee" my success in this business?

We cannot possibly "guarantee" that somebody will be successful by simply purchasing this system.  That would be ridiculous because...what if you purchase the system and throw it on your bookshelf or in the back of a closet?  How could we possibly "guarantee" your success if you simply purchase this system and don't open or read anything in the materials we send to you?  This is why we cannot guarantee your success.  However, we can guarantee that you'll like the business OR we can issue you a refund after you mail us the system back within 60 days of your receipt of your course package.  Outside of this, we cannot guarantee success because we do not know what you'll end up doing with the box or its contents that we send out to you upon your purchase.

How much money can I realistically make in passive income each month?

This solely depends on how many income units you have and where in the country you are investing.  For most investors, you will only need between 5 and 10 properties to become financially free.  Again, this does vary based on where in the country you are investing and how many units per building you have.  Obviously a 6-unit will make less money than a 24-unit.  And rents are much higher in Beverly Hills, California vs. Cleveland, Ohio.  But, in MOST CASES, you'll be able to have a pretty solid cash flow with 5 to 10 residential-commercial properties total which could earn you anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 per month in NET profits.  Rents double every 15 to 18 years which will double your monthly earnings, making this the very best investment vehicle on the planet!
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