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Self-Made Real Estate Millionaire Reveals the REAL SECRET Behind How to Get Rich in Today’s Real Estate Market

How You Can STRIKE IT RICH in Real Estate Using a UNIQUE Tested-and-Proven Flip Secret That is GUARANTEED to Make You Money Hand Over Fist LIKE A MAD DOG on Steroids!

Now You Can Get the 2 1/2 Day Video Training AND The Special BONUS Money Resources to Give You Money For Your Deals!

Dear Future Real Estate Millionaire,

What would you say if I told you this:  EVERYTHING you learned about making money with real estate you’ve ever heard about from anywhere else (other than me) is 100% ALL WRONG?! 

If you’ve ever bought a real estate investing book, invested in a “system” for real estate investing, or attended a get-rich-in-real-estate seminar then you’d know the cold hard truth by now: NONE of the other “gurus” out there will help you with what you REALLY need to make money in this business.  They won’t tell you HOW to really make money and they definitely won’t share any resource to get the money you need to do your deals!

These are ALWAYS key missing ingredients and, if you haven’t noticed, they are usually the MAIN ingredients REQUIRED if you are ever to become successful in real estate investing. 

You need MONEY to do your deals if you’re investing yourselfYou need a NETWORK of investors if you want to sell your contracts or scout properties as a “professional finder.”  And without either one, you’ll never become a successful in real estate on the scale of wealth that you have probably always wanted for yourself.

Recently a friend of mine attended a well-known real estate “guru” seminar where it cost BIG BUCKS for her to go.  Yes, the ticket costed $15,000 for her to be there.  I figured that there MUST be something of great value for that kind of money, right?  In fact, the “guru” promised every attendee that he’d reveal the EXACT secret to how to do the deals AND how to get the money to do these deals.

By the end of the second day, only “run of the mill” real estate techniques were taught and NO funding secret had been revealed AT ALL as promised. 

Then, at the very end of the event, he said this:  “Do you want to know the SECRET to getting the cash you need to do your deals?”  Everybody shouted an excited “YES!” as loud as they could. 

Then he said, “Okay, everybody.  Stand up!”  Everybody complied and stood up in unison.  “Now look around at each other.”  Everybody looked around, kind of confused at this point.  “This, my friends, is where you’ll be getting the money for your deals.  Each person in this room either has a 401K or a savings account or knows somebody in their family who has cash for your deals.  This is how you’ll get the cash for your deals.  You’ll ask people you know, including those in this room, for the money for your real estate deals!”  And that was it.  That was the end of the seminar!

Yes, THAT was the “secret” to getting cash for your deals…the secret that cost $15,000 to supposedly find out the REAL deal on getting cash for deals.  The “secret” was to hit up your retirement account (if you have one) or savings (if you have a savings account), friends or family, and apparently strangers you meet at a seminar event, too.  Yes, people paid $15,000 EACH to learn this “secret” to getting money for their deals.  WHAT A RIP OFF!!  Don’t you think??

When I got started in the business of flipping real estate back in 1995, I bumbled my way into and through the business.  I knew absolutely NOTHING.  And all I had to go on were a few bits of information that I had gotten when rummaging through my parent’s closet to find a couple of old real estate courses.  One was from a guy named Carleton Sheets; the other was from a dude named Dave del Dotto.  I even read Robert Allen’s No Money Down book.

After going through all this stuff, I found that not one single “guru” offered a workable system.  At that time, I didn’t have good credit.  I didn’t have any money to put down.  And I lived (and still live) in Southern California, a place where their “systems” could never work because the increased costs and limited inventory!  The worst part is, they don’t tell you that you need good credit, money, etc. until you get their “secret system”!  That’s when you find out you were scammed!

Yes, I wanted more than anything to make tons of money with real estate.  I knew that owning real estate was (and still is) the most PROFITABLE way to make money because real estate will never go away and it will ALWAYS keep going up in valueAnd every multi-millionaire on the planet owns LOTS OF REAL ESTATE!

So, if you haven’t been investing as you’ve planned to this point, there’s something drastically wrong.  And I can almost guess what that is…

You Haven’t Had Immediate Access to UNSECURED CASH to Do Your Deals

Without cash, you can’t do real estate deals.  That’s just the cold hard truth of real estate investing.  And those of us who are in the business of real estate investing almost NEVER use our own cash for deals.  We use Other People’s Money (or OPM).  This way we have maximum leverage with minimal risk of losing our ass…and assets.

When you’re “little guy” or “little gal” in the business, you’re just starting out with LIMITED knowledge  of how the business works (and I’m about to change that forever for you) and NO access to the unsecured cash needed to do your deals (and I’m also about to change that for you).

So, what typically happens is that you’ll read a book, buy a system, or attend a seminar about real estate investing.  You’ll come away from it all pumped up and ready to go.  You’ll even start looking for properties.  And then when it comes down to submitting an offer on a property, you can’t do it.  You don’t have the money.  In many cases, you don’t even have the EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) to put down on the property that is due upon the acceptance of the offer. 

(Note: When purchasing houses, the EMD is due the very moment you submit the offer.  Yes, it’s customary to have the check in hand when you are handing in your offer!  For commercial property deals – including small apartment buildings of 5 units or more – you will promise the EMD within the offer but will generally give the EMD at the time the seller accepts your offer, so commercial deals are done differently.  Either way, you need the cash to even get your foot in the door!)

Or…Maybe You Feel Like You Don’t Have a PRECISE Step-by-Step Blueprint to Start Investing in the First Place!

Okay, so maybe a little of this is my fault.  I’ve been in the business of real estate investing for OVER 20 YEARS.  And I thought it was best for me to leave NOTHING to the imagination and to offer EVERY possible kind of real estate strategy I’ve successfully done over the years to my students.  I thought this was a good thing for everybody.

But I was WRONG!  Very wrong!  And why is this exactly?

Because most of my students are JUST STARTING OUT as real estate investors.  They should NOT be exposed to advanced real estate strategies when they haven’t purchased a single property to this point in their lives (not including their own personal home).  I shouldn’t have even put ANY advanced strategies on the table for them to look at as beginning investors!  (My Monica Main Catalog is about to be completely revamped as we go into 2020.  Most of the systems you’ve had access to in years past will completely disappear because I no longer want to create confusion among my students.)

So, this is why I decided to introduce the Flip It Profit Strategy to my students for the first time ever.  This is exactly how I got started in the business of investing.  And the business of flipping has greatly evolved and changed a lot since back when I got started.  Not only do I teach my students how I got started, I also now show my students how the world of flipping works today…in 2019…which is vastly different in how I got started back in 1995.

Discovering the power of flipping is how I recommend most people get started in this business but with ONE significant addition that I didn’t know back when I got started…

You MUST Understand the “Bigger Picture” of What Your End-Goal is BEFORE Investing in ANY Property

When I got started, I just started flipping SFRs (single-family residences) starting with a one-bedroom two-story townhouse I got at a HUD auction.  Within a short period of time, I had to deal with the severe financial pain of paying untold amounts of money to the IRS in capital gains taxes because I didn’t understand how to “work” the system.  (Remember, I had NO ONE take me under their wing to help me navigate the beginnings of my real estate business.)  So, I experienced a lot of legal and financial pitfalls, wrong turns, and devastating consequences in doing things all wrong!

It wasn’t until much later – in 2001 to be exact – when I met a guy named Dr. Raj on a completely unrelated business I was starting.  He had a manufacturing company for health supplements in Tustin, California called Royal Nutrition.  I was thinking about marketing a line of weight loss products and I was interested in his all-natural weight loss shakes.

I went down to Tustin to meet Dr. Raj and I think we only talked about the weight loss shakes for a few minutes.  Somehow, rather quickly, we got on the subject of real estate investing.  It was probably a can of worms I opened.  I shared with him about how I felt pigeon-holed as a real estate investor since I was on this never-ending treadmill of flipping.  While I loved buying, rehabbing, and reselling properties…I hated paying such a huge chunk of every deal in capital gains taxes.

That’s when he told me something that changed my life forever.

He said, “The real money in real estate is in apartment buildings.”

Apartment buildings.  I had NEVER considered investing in such an asset before the moment I stepped into his office.  I don’t know why I never thought of it.  Maybe I thought it was something that only rich people did.  Truth be told, the idea of apartment building investing never fluttered across my radar at all until that day.

He kept talking, telling me that his apartment buildings were the reason he’d be retiring early.  (He’s long since closed down his company Royal Nutrition and now he lives on his monthly passive income from his apartment building real estate.)  I immediately started thinking of all the reasons why apartment building investing wasn’t doable for me.  I told him I had my cash tied up in my deals and with the IRS.  And I then decided to throw the idea on the backburner because I didn’t think it was doable for me.  Remember, even though I’ve met some amazing people in this business over the years, NOBODY taught me the “nuts and bolts” of how to do this business.  I had to figure all of it out by myself…

If I Only Knew Then (Back in 1995) What I Know Now, I’d Be Worth Well Over $100,000,000 By Now!

I had a chat with my CPA earlier this year and he told me that my net worth is well over $20,000,000.  I was truly disappointed.  I certainly don’t feel that wealthy.  And if I hadn’t been married and divorced 3 times, I certainly would have a much higher net worth by now…well over $100,000,000…EASY!

But, let’s be honest here.  Regardless of how much I lost among 3 failed marriages, the reality is that the financial loss only added up to be about $10,000,000…maybe a bit more.  Reality is, the amount of money I should be worth – over $100,000,000 – is 100% based on me simply NOT KNOWING what I could have known about real estate!  THAT, my friend, is what cost me the most!  It’s not what I lost.  It’s what I DIDN’T MAKE because of what I didn’t know back then.

But that can be different for you.  In fact, it WILL be different for you. 

Let me tell you why…

The good news for you:  I can help you understand the EXACT success blueprint from A to Z in how to become wildly successful and wealth in real estate in the SHORTEST amount of time possible.  Instead of taking over 20 years to “experiment” with what works and what doesn’t work (like I had to do), you get to zoom in on only what works while completely avoiding what doesn’t.

Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to?  Seriously!  Why…when you’ll only be wasting your time?

I’m Going to Show You – From A to Z – EXACTLY How to Make a Killing in Real Estate…


First of all, I can’t show you exactly how I got started…well, I can.  But much of it is irrelevant to today’s marketplace.  And I want to show you ONLY what works TODAY.  Not what worked in the 90s since that’s irrelevant.

Think about it.  Do you really want to learn the life and times of 100% seller financing when you don’t have to use that strategy anymore?  Do you really want to learn how to get screwed on every deal?  Do you want to learn the pain of paying capital gains taxes on flipping deals?  (I didn’t think so!)

What I DO want to show you is how to get started from scratch in this business using TODAY’S opportunities (that didn’t exist back then) to ultimately build yourself a cash cow cash flowing real estate empire in no time at all

First, you can start off as a “professional finder.”  This is also known as a bird-dog or property scout.  This is where you get paid finder’s fees or referral fees for finding profitable deals for either my investment group or for my network of investors that I connect you to.  You can find these deals local to you or 3,000 miles away.  It doesn’t matter as long as the properties are located in the continental USA.

Second, I recommend you flip a couple of your own deals.  You don’t have to do this step but you SHOULD because flipping is so damned profitable.  There are two (2) types of properties you can flip:  SFRs and multifamily deals.  And I’ll show you how to do each kind of deal and how much money is possible for each one. It’s best to flip deals that are local to where you are so you can oversee the rehab of the property.

Finally, you MUST start feeding your profits (as a finder or flipper…or both) into what I call “buy-and-hold” assets.  These, ideally, are multifamily (2 to 4 units) and small apartment buildings (5 to 12+ units).  And if you’re fretting about managing these properties…DON’T.  I’ll show you a very streamlined and easy-to-do management system to where you never have to deal with clogged toilets, deadbeat tenants, or ANY issues with your rental properties.

Rents DOUBLE every 15 to 18 years in most major metropolitan cities in the USA.  And, if you follow my strategy of paying off your properties (either in full upon purchase or within 10 years after acquisition), you won’t have any mortgages, making you EVEN MORE MONEY as time goes on!

There is NO BETTER investment vehicle ANYWHERE on this planet.  And I mean nothingGuaranteed!!

I've Revealed the Most Profitable Real Estate Strategies on the Planet in Vegas...And Now You Can Get Those Strategies on Video!

I just completed my first-ever Flip It Profit Bootcamp Seminar in Las Vegas.  This is the event showed all of my attendees exactly how to get started in the business of real estate investing INCLUDING sharing with you my EXCLUSIVE Money Guy who can get you up to $450,000 in UNSECURED CASH wired into your bank account in 7 to 10 days to use for your real estate deals IF you choose to go the flipping route.

AND...I even revealed a PRIVATE DIRECT LENDER to Platinum VIP Attendees ONLY!

This Private Direct Lender can get you a 90% LTV on a residential home flip deal or a multifamily (or apartment building) deal provided that you come in with 10% cash down.  And my special money source (listed above) can get you the 10% cash down.  This lender can get you funds in about 14 days but you MUST have a deal before filling out an online application.

And yes, you will have a special "back office" direct link to fill out an application online to get approved within 48 hours.

But...I can only offer this special resource to the first 12 people who get the seminar videos and who pay in full.  Sorry, I'm not even supposed to be revealing this secret money source post-event to anyone anyway but I decided to break the rules ONLY because of how small our Platinum VIP class was at the event.

This Was the LAST Event!

I’m purposely structured this event in a way that you’ll never need to attend another real estate event ever again.  I've given all of my students who attended a tested and proven blueprint that you can immediately use to begin building your real estate empire from A to Z, starting with no money down!  This will be different from any other event because I’ll be giving you an EXACT plan to follow the second you get back home.

See you at the top!

Discover a RARE and Unique Method of Flipping Real Estate That Can Put THOUSANDS of Dollars in Your Pocket Every Month!  PLUS, You'll Be Able to Access My EXCLUSIVE Money Sources to Get You a Total of 100% Unsecured CASH For Your Deals!


Day 1:  Money Day for Platinum VIP ONLY

On This First Event Afternoon, Platinum VIP Attendees Will Get a CRASH COURSE on All the Secrets I Have for Getting 100% Unsecured Cash for Your Deals.  This Includes Giving You an Overview of the Criteria of My Exclusive Money Guy and Many Other Ways to Get Cash!

Day 2:  How to Become a Property Finder for BIG CHECKS

For the First Time Ever, All Attendees Will Be Shown EXACTLY How to Get Into the Business of Being a Professional Property Finder Where You Find Deals for BIG CHECKS for Both My Investment Group and My Investor Network!  This Info Has NEVER Been Revealed Before!

Day 3:  How to Flip Property in the Most Unique and Profitable Way You've Ever Seen

In This Final Day of the Flip It Profit Event, All Attendees Will Be Shown Several Flip Secrets Including Flipping Houses, Multifamily Deals, and Small Apartment Buildings for the Biggest Profits Possible!  You Can Flip These Deals Using Our Exclusive Unsecured Cash Resource!


Your Price is ONLY $1,997  $1,497 (+ s/h)

Please Note That We Are LIMITING the Direct Private Lender Resource to the FIRST 12 ORDERS ONLY!  No Exceptions!!  So, PLEASE Place Your Order ASAP (or Call the Office at 661-295-5050 to Make Sure You're Within the First 12 Orders)!  Thank You!

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